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Are you looking for a powerful storyteller and inspiring speaker for your next event, panel discussion, or podcast?

Zoe Fox has a wealth of experience to pull from to delight and inspire your audience.

With her powerful journey of healing, resilience, and personal and spirtual transformation, she brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to any stage or platform.

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Looking for a podcast guest with Empowering Stories of Resilience, Spiritual Awakening and Transformation?

As a potential guest for your podcast or speaker at your event, I bring a wealth of spiritual and life experiences that make for compelling and relatable storytelling. From overcoming adversity to discovering resilience, self-empowerment, and spiritual awakening, my journey is one of profound transformation and personal growth. Here are some key experiences and topics that make me an engaging and inspiring guest:

Overcoming Trauma and Anxiety:

I have navigated the depths of trauma and anxiety, including overcoming PTSD and agoraphobia. My journey of healing is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to triumph over adversity and align with higher spiritual truths.

Navigating Spiritual Awakening:

Experiencing a secondary awakening after a life-changing spinal cord injury, I have tapped into deeper levels of spiritual awareness. I share insights on navigating spiritual awakenings, embracing the unknown, and connecting with the divine.

Embracing Healing and Self-Discovery:

From the sudden loss of a loved one to healing from a spinal cord injury, my experiences have taught me the importance of embracing self-discovery and finding purpose amid life’s challenges. I guide others to uncover their true selves and spiritual paths.

Flourishing Through Challenges and Becoming Resilient:

I’ve faced the emotional toll of long-term infertility but found strength and hope through my journey to motherhood. I empower women to find their inner resilience and connect with their spiritual essence.

Transitioning from Corporate to Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship:

Leaving behind a 12-year banking career, I followed my passion for personal development and founded an award-winning digital marketing agency. My story of transition and spiritual growth inspires others to pursue their passions and create meaningful, purpose-driven careers.

Cultivating Inner Wisdom and Authenticity:

Through my Illumination Healing, I’ve tapped into the power of inner wisdom and authenticity. My journey of connecting with my true self and embracing vulnerability resonates with those seeking their own voice and spiritual purpose.

Nurturing Mental and Emotional Well-being:

As a counseling graduate, I’ve explored various therapeutic approaches to heal and strengthen mental and emotional well-being. I emphasise the importance of self-care, self-compassion, and spiritual alignment in achieving holistic health.

Manifesting Opportunities and Embracing Creativity:

My experiences at the Cannes Festival of Creativity and co-founding a digital marketing agency have taught me the power of creativity and manifestation. I share insights on unleashing creativity, spiritual manifestation, and finding opportunities in unexpected places.

Living with Disability:

As a woman living with a disability, I understand the unique challenges and triumphs of navigating life with physical limitations. My experiences inspire others to embrace their inner power, connect with their spiritual core, and thrive despite obstacles.

Mindful Parenting and Motherhood:

As a devoted mother, I embrace mindful parenting practices to create a nurturing and loving environment for my child. I share insights on balancing personal and spiritual growth with parenting, fostering emotional and spiritual well-being in children, and creating a harmonious family dynamic.

Nurturing a Strong and Healthy Marriage Through Challenges:

My journey has taught me the value of a strong and supportive partnership in navigating life’s ups and downs. I offer insights on fostering deep connections, supporting each other through adversity, and creating fulfilling and resilient relationships. I share practical advice on maintaining a thriving marriage, balancing personal and spiritual growth within a partnership, and overcoming life’s challenges together.

Are you ready to bring profound insights and transformative stories to your event or podcast?

I offer a unique blend of spiritual wisdom, personal resilience, and practical guidance. My journey of overcoming adversity, embracing spiritual awakening, and empowering others will captivate and inspire your audience.


Why Book Zoe?


Inspiring Story

Zoe’s personal journey of colour overcoming, trauma, grief, anxiety, and a life-changing spinal cord injury captivates audiences and demonstrates the strength of the human spirit.


Experience in Personal and spiritual Development

With over a decade of experience immersed in the world of healing, personal development and co-founding an award-winning digital marketing agency and pivoting to a purpose led business Zoe brings a wealth of wisdom to share.


Compassionate and Engaging

Zoe’s warm and relatable approach makes her a favourite among audiences. She creates a safe space for vulnerability and growth with her authenticity, leaving the audience feeling inspired and motivated.


Authentic Connection

As an underrepresented demographic, a woman with a disability,  Zoe deeply connects with diverse audiences, making diverse audiences feel seen and heard.

Topics Zoe Can Speak on:

Zoe Fox Speaker, Healer, Coach
Flourishing Through Challenges

Discovering Inner Resilience and Empowerment

Embracing Inner Wisdom

The Key to Mindful Living and Spirtual Awakening

The Power of Self-Discovery

Unleashing Your True Potential

Navigating Life Transitions
How approach life with Courage and Confidence
Cultivating Authenticity and Vulnerability

How to nurture meaningful and lasting connections.

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  • Empowerment and Growth: Help your audience unlock their true potential, embrace their spiritual paths, and create a life filled with purpose and joy.

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