As an empath, it can be intensely difficult to handle the barrage of traumatic events happening globally.

When chaos and suffering occur, we feel it deeply, as if it’s happening to our own family. While being an empath connects us to humanity, the intensity of emotions can feel like both a blessing and a curse.

It’s important to stay conscious of world events, yet also vital for our own well-being to seek balance. Recently, my heart has felt heavy over the devastating conflicts and loss of innocent lives occurring internationally. The scale of needless suffering feels unimaginable, and the lack of effective conflict resolution is barbaric and archaic.

Many of us feel frustrated and powerless over global injustices, by design of the powers that be. However, we have more influence than we realise. Our individual energies collectively shape the world. Though it may not seem like much, focusing our energy positively creates a ripple effect.

Here are tips I’ve found helpful for staying afloat when world events feel overwhelming:

Community Support

Connect with others locally to provide mutual support. Come together to share ideas, resources and information on making a difference globally and in your community. Donate time or funds to causes addressing these complex issues.

Self-Care and Grounding

Make self-care a priority. Frequently check in on your mental/emotional state and redirect focus to the present moment. Evaluate what your current mindset and actions are contributing to the greater good. Refocus on projecting positive energy into the world by finding small ways to spread more light. Drink water, connect with loved ones, and spend time in nature to recharge.

Process Through Writing

Journal to unpack heavy thoughts and emotions, releasing their intense grip on your spirit. Writing provides clarity and relief.

Nourish Your Body

Flooding your system with high-vibration, nutritious foods lifts your energetic frequency. It makes a tangible difference.

Energetic Visualisation

Envision an energetic grid encompassing the world, pulsing with light. Connect to feelings of love for someone or something that opens your heart. Let that glow expand beyond you to light up the global grid. Recall your power to magnify love despite current events trying to dim its force. Try this guided meditation to help.

Create from Love

Shift energy by doing what you love – writing, art, music. Set the intention to create from a space of love. When you initiate creation rooted in love, you set goodness in motion.

Remember that darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

The hurt we’re witnessing stems from a lack of love, compassion and light. But we have the power to set love in motion for the future by how we live and treat others now. As an empath, the greatest contribution you can make during this global crisis is to shine as a beacon of love and compassion.

We need your light!

Big Love,