Through Hell & Back Again: How Trauma Led Me to Spiritual Awakening

Ever since I was a child, my life has been punctuated by profound and startling experiences with the unseen world of spirit. As a young girl, I would see, feel, and hear unseen energies.

Having been raised in a home where the understanding of spiritual experience was based on mainstream religion, despite us not being strongly religious, anything supernatural was perceived to be unnatural or even of demonic origin. Without proper context, these encounters stirred tremendous fear in me as a child out of step with societal norms. Sleeping next to a bible and a bottle of holy water hoping that would make it all stop. Only after years of spiritual growth and learning, did I begin to release the fear implanted so early on and understand the benevolent nature of these mysteries.

These unexplained experiences continued throughout my life as a young person until I effectively became numb following the sudden death of my boyfriend. I lived in a deeply depressed and anxious way for well over a decade until I met my husband.

Something magical happened when we fell in love and allowed my heart to open. It was as if once I allowed my heart to love again after so much pain and trauma it opened me up to also connect to loving energies in spirit and I began to experience overwhelming feelings of love, oneness and expanding consciousness.

It was still a slow journey of healing and awakening as I went to work on challenging outdated patterns and soothing my traumatised and overstimulated nervous system.

As I healed I began to hear more clearly the calling and guidance of my soul. My intuition was sharpened and I began to manifest wonderful things in my life. My call to self-healing grew stronger as did my curiosity about all things metaphysical and spiritual.

Following my inner guidance, I made decisions to support its calling, leaving the corporate world to follow the creative yearnings of my soul, but I was still stuck under the weight of some deeply rooted and unhelpful patterns and societal expectations that prevented me from connecting to my potential. I was working harder than before but I was getting burned out and now also a new Mom I was burning the candle at both ends in an attempt to be super Mom and also follow my entrepreneurial callings.

It was as if my spirit team of guides decided enough was enough when I ended up sustaining my spinal cord injury back at the beginning of the global pandemic, which forced me in no uncertain terms to slow down, whether I liked it or not!

It was in the long slow painful days of surrendering to my predicament as I sat in my window seat, looking out at the trees in grief, pining for all that I had lost when I had another awakening.

This time it was so strong and so undeniable that I couldn’t look away. With nowhere left to turn, I opened inward. I underwent a powerful initiation, finally embracing my spiritual companions as teachers and guides. I devoted myself to developing my abilities through intense study, training, and practice.

Four years into this rebirth, my life has transformed exponentially and my healing journey has exploded, melting away decades if not lifetimes of stubborn limiting belief, yet I remain devoted to refining my craft as a humble servant to spirit wisdom. Under spirit’s tutelage, I’ve healed old pain, reawakened psychic talents, fine-tuned my intuition, and found a profound purpose in sharing my story.

This year spirit has given me the nudge that I have passed my apprenticeship and now it’s time to step deeper into my soul mission to support awakening souls. I want you to experience the same healing, feelings of love and the powerful capacity to manifest.

I have had to battle against the fear of stepping out on this unconventional path. As someone who spent over 12 years in corporate banking, I have had to adjust my nervous system to normalise conversations about the power of soul and spirit and put aside fears of what people think.

Worrying about people thinking I’m a weirdo or worrying about those critical voices of people in my life, but when I stopped to examine the voices that were holding me back they belonged to people that always have something or someone to moan about or nitpick. It’s really not any of my business what they think. My business is to share this message of love, hope and possibility despite what critics might say.

So much of what I do is led by spirit and not speaking about it and giving it credit means that I’m not able to express my full authenticity and truth about my journey of healing the heart.
Spirit has led me to so much magic it deserves the credit it’s due. In sharing my experiences hopefully, it can help deepen the magic and presence of loving spirit as a powerful collaborator in connecting you to your highest timeline of possibilities.
Connecting you to divine oneness, transformational healing and the loving support that wants to help you manifest your divine potential.

Spirit energy is the thread that weaves everything together, the unseen oneness that connects to everything.

I know how baffling and isolating early spiritual experiences can feel before proper context and support is found so I’m here to walk alongside you as you begin to illuminate your path.

I hope that by honouring my guidance and showing you how spirit has shown up for me I can help you see how the wisdom of loving spirit might be trying to show up in your life too.

If you have any questions or content that you would like me to cover on this journey as we commit to elevating our life experience and supporting the ultimate upliftment of the greater humanity, please drop me a comment, DM or email

Big love,


You can watch me talk a a bit about some of my experiences with the unseen here on HER Power the podcast;