A New Guided Meditation for Global Healing


Do you ever feel heavy-hearted seeing all the suffering happening in the world? I know I do. It’s completely understandable. Most compassionate people feel a deep urge to alleviate other’s pain and at times like this, it is easy to feel powerless.

But let it be known – you can make a difference through your conscious awareness. That’s why I was guided to record a meditation that reminds us of our power to influence the collective consciousness.

In 14 minutes we will slow down, tune in and connect to the frequency of love expanding the collective field of positive influence.

The purpose of this meditation is to provide an accessible tool for raising the collective vibration.

I invite you to sink into a meditative state as I guide you to channel compassion and healing light.

What Exactly Does It Do?

This meditation brings participants together *energetically* from around the world. As you envision the planet enveloped in golden light, you help counter global fear/negativity.

This guided audio journey can help to:

– Boost feelings of hope, peace and unity
– Send ripples of light into the collective consciousness to raise the vibration
– Elevate humanitarian patterns embedded in quantum fields

Your contribution makes a difference by decreasing dissonance among the collective. My soul knows the potential for us to powerfully envision high vibrations spreading like wildfire across borders if enough light-bearers participate!

Ready to release your beautiful intentions out into the quantum landscape?

Click here to view the meditation

Hit play when you can create a quiet 14 minutes and let’s come together in love!


Big Love