Seed by Seed: Small Acts of Love To Grow an Enlightened World

It is so easy to wake up every morning with a heavy heart, aware of the suffering unfolding across the globe – from Palestine to Congo to Sudan and countless other places where human life does not feel like it’s being respected and valued as sacred.

I‘m sure like me, your soul cares deeply about people and values the sacred nature of human life. I cannot imagine being so disconnected from my heart and my humanity that I would ever support the death of innocent lives. Men, women and children.

What we see now on the world stage is the diabolical consequence of archaic beliefs running riot, disconnected hearts, and unconscious minds amongst global powers. In the face of such pain, so many of us feel powerless, especially when pleading for peace from our representatives falls on uncompassionate ears. My own MP expressed sympathy but would not support a ceasefire and so we continue to watch innocent lives exterminated as if they were worth nothing.

If we don’t embody the alternative the status quo will continue to manifest.

So what is the alternative and how can we contribute to it?

What can we consciously create today to bring hope for a better tomorrow?

The seeds we sew today are part of a long-term project, one where we won’t reap the fruit tomorrow… but does that mean that we shouldn’t sew the seed today?

If, like me, you believe in planting seeds today that may bring about a better tomorrow, not just for our own gain but for the good of humanity, then you are here for a divine purpose.

Your incarnation at this point in time and space is no mistake. It’s part of a grand plan to seed more light into the density of this wild and at times dark planetary experience.

And you… You are like a lightbulb in humanity.

A worker of the light – light worker.

It’s time for us to rise to the occasion in whatever way we can. I know so many of us have been held back from truly stepping into our light as we have contended with our own life’s challenges and rubbed up against social expectations. But now we are being called on more than ever, with an increasing sense of courage and urgency to break away from old programming and stamp our mark of love on humanity.

So how can we each contribute to elevating the collective:

  • Heal your own hurt
  • When we heal our own anger, trauma and unconscious biases, we stop perpetuating harm as our consciousness increases. So many hurt people out there mindlessly hurting other people. Heal your hurts and take back your power and channel it for good.
  • Heal generational trauma
    Be aware of what belongs to us and what has been inherited. By addressing unresolved pain passed down through our lineages, we gain self-awareness to create healthier families. Be the circuit breaker.
  • Amplify unheard voices, nurturing equity
    Where and how can you amplify the voices of marginalised groups to help bring awareness to their stories and experiences? When we only see life through our lens it contracts the potential for compassion and understanding, a key step in any healing process.
  • Raise compassionate children
    So many of our belief systems are formed in early years, so teaching kids empathy, equality, and respect plants seeds for a more caring society. They are leaders of tommorow. 
  • Cultivate empathy for all people’s suffering
    Listening deeply to understand different experiences of hardship builds bridges. We can’t always walk in another’s shoes but to listen with compassion and understanding is a great place to start.
  • Simply share your smile with strangers
    A warm greeting as you walk down the street fosters community and brightens days through small acts.
  • Spend time alone in nature
    Immersing in nature and contemplation nourishes perspective and renewal. Nature is spirit and spirit is nature. Sit with her, she heals and inspires.
  • Vibe Check
    Check in with yourself throughout the day. Pausing to see where your energy is at allows you to fine-tune your frequency throughout the day so you can be mindful of what you’re projecting and manifesting. When we are calm and balanced we positively influence what’s around us.

We can build a conscious world where love leads and life is valued as sacred. Do not feel powerless – you are a powerful vessel for love.

Together, our light can illuminate the darkness.

If you have any questions or content that you would like me to cover on this journey as we commit to elevating our life experience and supporting the ultimate upliftment of the greater humanity, please drop me a comment, DM or email

Big love,


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