You know this whole spiritual journey we’re all on? It’s fascinating how sometimes we end up sidestepping the very things that make us human in the pursuit of enlightenment. Ever heard of “spiritual bypassing”? It’s when we use our spirituality as a shield, dodging the messy, real stuff life throws our way.


So, what exactly is spiritual bypassing? According to psychologist John Welwood, it’s using spiritual practices to dodge painful thoughts, feelings, experiences, and realities. Diana Raab summed up some signs in Psychology Today, like not focusing on the present, being overly positive while avoiding the negative, feeling self-righteous about enlightenment, being overly detached, and more. It’s like living in this bubble, detached from life’s everyday struggles, preaching positivity as if it’s the only solution. Sometimes, it becomes a way to avoid facing the difficult emotions that stem from our human experiences.

In some spiritual groups, when serious issues like social injustice surface, some folks just shut it down. They’re like, “Nope, don’t wanna hear about it,” as if ignoring it makes it vanish. But shouldn’t our spiritual growth involve facing these human challenges?

Remember that time during the heightened conversations around Black Lives Matter? In an Abraham Hicks Facebook group, when George Floyd’s murder and the movement were discussed, some responses were like, “Get it out of my vortex, I don’t want to hear it.” But isn’t that a privilege? This is another reason why it’s important to nurture spaces that are safe for people who come from underrepresented communities where our spirituality is tied to the additional challenges that we face as a result of our marginalised human experiences.

It’s not about asking people to disregard their boundaries; it’s an opportunity to explore how we can become more compassionate for the greater good and with great benefit to ourselves in the process.

I’ve been thinking a lot about finding balance in all this. It’s not about ditching our humanity for a spiritual high. It’s about embracing both, being wholly present in our spirituality while still rolling up our sleeves to tackle the messy, complex parts of being human. It’s in facing the reality of human challenges that we truly discover our potential.

What we bypass doesn’t go away, it just stays there in its murky corner waiting for illumination. You cant just Kumbaya that stuff away.

Genuine growth happens when we confront life’s challenges head-on, with vulnerability, courage, and a lot of heart. We can’t just sweep the tough stuff under the rug and expect spiritual growth. It’s about blending our spiritual wisdom into our daily lives.

Finding that balance is where the real magic unfolds. It’s not just about personal growth; it’s about contributing to something greater. It’s not escaping the human experience; it’s embracing and growing from it.

So, let’s keep this journey real. Embrace our spirituality but also stay grounded in our humanity. That way, we’re not just seeking inner peace; we’re actually living it by embracing every messy, beautiful part of who we are.

Big Love