Who or what is killing your vibe?

People, social media and tv can influence our emotions.  Are you consciously or unconsciously interacting with the world around you and how is that impacting your life experience?  Are you reactive? Do you find yourself impacted by the mood of others? This episode includes a self-observation experiment and an exercise to help shake off stuck energy from negative past experiences. 

I’m no astrophysicist but I’ve become a keen observer of energy and laws and the impact of action and reactions on my life experience.

I discuss:

  • Vibrational frequency
  • Laws of the Universe
  • Being mindful of the impact of your energy on others
  • Responding to volatile energy
  • Unresolved arguments 
  • What are you programming yourself with?
  • What are we teaching the algorithms about us
  • Being intentional with social media
  • Are you a pawn or a master?


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The Curl Power podcast is for women that been through some stuff, perhaps lacked representation growing up but are now being called to heal from the past and see just how good life can get. 

We want to provoke thought and consider alternative ways of thinking so we can move through life with more ease, prosperity and grace 🙏🏾

I share the most powerful lessons from my decade-plus of deep work and personal development that helped me to transform my life from:

  • Suicidal thoughts, Generalised anxiety disorder, Depression, Regular panic attacks, and Agoraphobia that developed after the sudden death of my boyfriend 
  • Limiting beliefs that held me back and kept me stuck  in an industry I hated for 12 years and Being in a financially and emotionally abusive relationship
  • 6 years of infertility


  • Graduating from the Birkbeck University of London with a counselling qualification.
  • Marrying the man of my dreams
  • Becoming a Mum naturally
  • Finding my inner peace and happiness
  • Featuring in a global Barbie diversity advertising campaign
  • Co-founding an award-winning digital marketing agency
  • Starting a podcast to have conversations that matter to us.
  • Turning my passion project into a reality despite sustaining a life-changing spinal cord injury at the beginning of the global pandemic.

I have real-world experience of resilience and thriving after trauma and I believe in the power of women to transform your lives from anxious and out of alignment to fulfilled, resilient and joyful despite the challenges life throws at us.

I know I’m not alone in facing challenges in life, so come, let’s grow together and level up our lives so we are living in our potential 

Hosted by Zoe Fox



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