In this episode of the Curl Power podcast, I talk about how music and raving became a distraction from my grief after the death of my boyfriend,

  • Music and Raving as Distraction from my Emotional Pain
  • Opening up my heart after the death of my boyfriend
  • Emotionally Abusive Relationship
  • Contemplating Suicide
  • Coping Strategies


00.46 Intro
04:15 “I was a proper raver” Jungle Drum and Bass
Diversity, Feeling the Music, Raving after loss, a distraction from my pain, tape pack famous, interviewing artists for official event DVD’s
11:48 Opening up my heart after a loss
12:55 Toxic Emotionally Abusive Relationship
15:22 Total Emotional Breakdown, panic attacks and agoraphobia and PTSD
17:16 Contemplating suicide, “I couldn’t see a reason to keep going, there was no light at the end of the tunnel
19:15 Blessed with love for my family
21:00 The healing journey and coping mechanisms
22:50 Shout out to my dnb family
24:46 Signing out

Music Credits

Shy FX – Original Nutter
General Levy and MBeat – Incredible
DJ Kane – Konga
Konflict – Messiah
DJ Stanza – Colonel Vibenhoff
Krust – WarheadThe

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