Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant pressure to do more and be better? In this episode, we explore the importance of finding balance and staying grounded while striving for self-improvement. We’ll discuss techniques for bringing focus inward, setting intentions for the day, and creating sacred space for yourself. We’ll also delve into the pressure of traditional “meditation” and explore alternative ways to nurture your mind-muscle. We’ll talk about the beauty in just being, and the impulses to get online and the resistance to sitting still. The episode includes exercises to help you observe how you respond to sitting with yourself. Join us as we explore ways to find what works best for you in finding balance and inner peace.

I discuss:

  • Finding balance while striving to do better
  • Dealing with overwhelm
  • Staying grounded
  • Finding what best works for you
  • Creating sacred space
  • Setting intentions for the day
  • Techniques for bringing the focus inward
  • The pressure of ‘meditation’
  • Nurturing your mind-muscle
  • The beauty in just being
  • Impulses to get online
  • Resistance to sitting still
  • The episode Includes exercises on observing how you respond to sitting with yourself 



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