This week I’m in conversation with Charlotte Williams, Founder of SevenSix Agency

We discuss:

  • Identity
  • Wash day routine
  • Natural Hair Journey
  • Going Viral
  • What it takes to build a successful influencer marketing agency.
  • How working as an influencer inspired Charlotte to make a change in the industry.
  • Success despite sucking at maths
  • Building a team that plays to individual strengths



02:42 Natural Hair This or That “Satin Pillow Case All Day Every Day”

04:45 Go to Products / Accessories “I have been using the same products for ages”

07:45 Curl Icon “ When I was younger I don’t remember anyone having curly hair, apart from…”

09:48 When we first met

10:32 Stalkers sending flowers

11:33 “This is actually something I spoke with my therapist about last week”

12:47 “My hair was very much put away”

13:53 “I didn’t realise my hair was curly until I was 15”

15:00 “Things got different when I started to realise I was curly, I started to experiment”

18:10 “I never saw anyone with hair like mine”

24:30 “and so I went natural”

30:23 Marketing experience

35:14 “Curly and afro hair can’t be professional ?!”

37:30 “We just don’t have access to those types of influencers”

40: 31 Going viral

45:05 “It’s really easy to come up with an idea and just do it”

48:04 Health Habits  I’ve taken my phone out of the equation in the morning, I’ve now got an…”

53:40 Book Talk

56:22 Michelle Obama

58:00 The plug



The Lonely Londoners, Sam Selven –


Becoming, Michelle Obama



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